Apple-PS3 lovefest unlikely

It was thought to be a misplaced watermark, a subliminal hint at an upcoming partnership or possibly even a simple mistake. Whatever the case, online forums were abuzz today with speculation over the following image, captured from the Flash intro at Sony's official PS3 site:

It flashed by almost too quickly to see, but it was visible to anyone who loaded up the site this morning. By 11:30 A.M. Pacific time, however - after forum posters had gone wild and journalists had bombarded Sony with calls - the smoke-filled Flash animation was replaced with a simpler one, and the Apple logo had disappeared.

Was it just an error, or was there some sort of secret partnership in the works between Sony's next-gen monster and the creators of the iPod? Earlier today, we speculated that Apple might be developing a PS3 version of iTunes, or that it might be collaborating with Sony on the PS3 operating system.

According to Sony, however, it was all just a misunderstanding:

"In a recent update to the PlayStation 3 section of (Sony's website), an external error was made during the upload process and the Apple icon was mistakenly placed on the site," the company said in a statement this evening. "We immediately fixed the problem and apologize for any confusion this may have caused."

July 7, 2006


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