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    A Good Start (5): Came 1st in a total of 10 minigames.
    Aviary Ace (25): Came 1st in all Aviary minigames.
    Beach Bum (10): Played all Copacabana Beach minigames.
    Born Winner (10): Came 1st in a total of 100 minigames.
    Brazilian Brains (20): Answered all Brazil trivia questions in the game correctly.
    Bullyguard (50): Stunned 50 players with the bodyguard power-up.
    Carnaval King (25): Came 1st in all Carnival minigames.
    Carnaval Spirit (10): Played all Carnival minigames.
    Chilli Crasher (10): Stunned 100 players whilst under the effect of chilli.
    Collectathon (15): Collected 1000 items.
    Copacabana Champion (25): Came 1st in all Copacabana Beach minigames.
    Corcovado Captain (25): Came 1st in all Corcovado minigames.
    Crazy Challenger (20): Won a Carnival Dance Crazy mode game.
    Fancy Dress (5): Played as all playable characters.
    Follow The Leader (20): Won a Carnival Dance Standard mode game.
    Forest Fanatic (25): Came 1st in all Rainforest minigames.
    Garage Guru (25): Came 1st in all Luiz Garage minigames.
    Garland Gala Guru (20): Reached Nigel's target score in Garland Gala.
    Garland Gala Novice (20): Reached Luiz's target score in Garland Gala.
    Garland Gala Pro (20): Reached Mauro's target score in Garland Gala.
    Gone Native (10): Played all Rainforest minigames.
    Grease Monkey (10): Played all Luiz Garage minigames.
    Happily Ever After (30): Completed Story Mode.
    High Flyer (10): Played all Corcovado minigames.
    Jailbird (10): Played all Smuggler's Warehouse minigames.
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