Alien Shooter: Vengeance blasts retail in January

Those disappointed that there aren’t more aliens to kill this holiday season, need only look forward to the New Year. That’s ‘cause today, CDV Software Entertainment USA announced Alien Shooter: Vengeance will hit retail on January 22, 2007 for the PC. As a successor to classic sci-fi game, Alien Shooter, Vengeance will pit players in the middle of an extensive conflict with ultra-powerful weapons designed to spill the guts of more than 50 alien species.

Vengeance promises multiple characters with unique abilities and RPG-elelments such as a skill tree to learn additional skills. Expect to pilot multiple vehicles and hack ‘n slash your way over an expansive sci-fi world and three different game modes, including campaign, survival and multiplayer.

January is only two months away, so to calm yourself before the alien storm, check out the new screens by clicking the Images tab. “Didn’t I promise you fireworks?”

November 14, 2006