Age of Conan Characters

A who's who of the first 20 levels

Age of Conan goes live on May 20 in all of its Mature-rated, graphics-intensive, literary-high-minded glory, but beta testers have been blabbing about the game for weeks now. Far be it from us to keep our mouths shut when everyone else is yakking - we played the first 20 levels of the beta, including a straight shot through the game%26rsquo;s single-player quests. Incidentally, if you'd like to get in on the beta test yourself, head over toour competition. You could win a key to let you into the pre-launch game.

In the single-player game, you%26rsquo;re pursuing your character%26rsquo;s %26ldquo;destiny quest%26rdquo; to uncover the secrets of why you awoke on a beach with amnesia and a tattoo you can%26rsquo;t explain. (And hey, who hasn%26rsquo;t been there, right?) Yyou%26rsquo;ll encounter a number of characters who%26rsquo;ll take you under their wing... or take your life. Who%26rsquo;s on your side, and who%26rsquo;s best eyed with suspicion? Here%26rsquo;s a handy guide. Feel free to cut out and save!

Who is he?
A mysterious old man who appears on the beach of Tortage where you wash ashore (and where you start the game). He turns out to be a major part of your destiny.
Friend or foe? Friend

Who is she?
A slave girl who%26rsquo;s been captured by Red Hand soldiers and hung up to die. You%26rsquo;ll meet her early in your adventure, and gain a friend - or more possibly more, wink wink.
Friend or foe? Friend (with benefits!)


Who is he? The guy%26rsquo;s called %26ldquo;head poacher.%26rdquo; You%26rsquo;ve probably already figured out that he%26rsquo;s not on your team.
Friend or foe? Foe

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