Abigail Breslin joins Julianne Moores vamp-flick Innocence


Zombieland star Abigail Breslin is getting in on the vampire movie craze by signing on to star in neck-chewing thriller Innocence .

The pint-sized munchkin of Little Miss Sunshine fame joins the already-cast Julianne Moore. Breslin will play Beckett, a grieving teen who attends a private school that’s home to a nest of vamps.

We can only assume that Moore will play a curiously pale head teacher with strangely blood red lips. Or should that be ‘hope’?

Hilary Brougher, who directed 1997’s Sticky Fingers Of Time and 2006 Tilda Swinton film Stephanie Daley , will helm Innocence .

Based on the book by Jane Menelsohn, Innocence was never marketed as a novel about vampires. You can bet the movie will be, though.

Innocence will go in front of cameras this summer.