50 Greatest Spider-Man Moments

Doing whatever a spider can

New Look

The Moment: Spidey shakes up his look in Civil War by borrowing some technology from Tony Stark, swapping his old lycra for a new Iron Spider suit. Upgrade!

Why It's Great: It didn't last long, but it was a very cool idea. We don't want the deck stacked too highly in Spider-Man's favour though…

The Story Begins

The Moment: Peter takes MJ's picture at the beginning of the first film, failing to notice the mutated spider that takes a sizeable bite out of his hand.

Why It's Great: It's at this point that the adventure really begins. We couldn't very well leave it out, could we?

With Great Power

The Moment: David Lapham and Tony Harris's Spider-Man: With Great Power tells the story of the pre-heroism webslinger, casting Peter Parker as an opportunistic douchebag on the lookout for ways to use his powers for personal gain. Booo!

Why It's Great: It makes a refreshing change to cast Peter in a shadier light, and Lapham manages to do so while dodging the cringes produced by Spider-Man 3 's attempt at the same goal.

I Am French

The Moment: Bruce Campbell makes his customary cameo as a French maître d Peter recruits to help him propose to MJ. The best bit? His effusive reaction to Peter's plan: "I love it. Romance… I am French." Brilliant.

Why It's Great:
It's awesome that Raimi thought to rope in his old buddy for the Spider-movies, and he's undoubtably the most amusing thing in this lacklustre third outing.

Enter The Goblin

The Moment: It took three seasons of Spider-Man: The Animated Series for the Green Goblin to show up, but when he did, it was in suitably menacing style, raging against Manhattan as a reaction to a serious injury.

Why It's Great: The Goblin's arrival in the animated show had been hotly anticipated, and it didn't disappoint, thanks in no small part to Neil Ross's suitably OTT vocal work.

Reign Of Pain

The Moment: Spider-Man: Reign sees an aged Peter Parker living in a New York controlled by a brutal police force known as The Reign, working as a florist and mourning his dead wife, MJ. That is until J. Jonah Jameson pays him a visit to snap him out of his torpor.

Why It's Great:
It might borrow heavily from The Dark Knight Returns , but this is still one of the more enjoyably adult Spider-Man outings.


The Moment: Peter confesses to Aunt May that he lied to her about his whereabouts on the night his Uncle Ben died. The resultant slap he receives is like a dagger to the heart.

Why It's Great: May's reaction is what really makes this one so affecting. That slap is a real bucket of water over the audience.

What Next?

The Moment: Spider-Man 2 ends on an excellently final note full of possibility, as a newly loved-up MJ watches Spidey swing away to his latest mission.

Why It's Great: As well as including the customary adrenaline rush of a ride-along with Spider-Man, it's an ending that seems to leave a whole host of new story options available to Raimi and co. Not that they made the best use of it, mind…

Buried Alive

The Moment: Kraven's Last Hunt is one of the more adult Spidey books, with the brutal Kraven burying Spider-Man alive in order to take his place and prove his capacity for heroism.

Why It's Great: There's no long-winded speechmaking here, as Kraven simply shoots Spider-Man with a tranquilliser and tosses him into a grave. Not very sophisticated then, but plenty effective.

Friends Reunited

The Moment: Green Goblin mk. 2 swoops down from nowhere, scooping Peter off his moped and engaging him in a bruising mid-air brawl. Harry Osborn is out for revenge…

Why It's Great: While the film's overblown finale suffers from an excess of villains, this short sharp sequence is a genuinely thrilling action scene. For our money, Harry's arc is the longest running, and thus should have been given centre stage in part three.