5 minigames that are better than full-price games

It would be so easy for a developer to chuck in a simple bit of code as a let's-cram-a-few-extras-in afterthought with full price games and, let's face it, many have.

But we know there are those out there who really do care about us gamers and want to reward us handsomely for completing the main game. And those caring developers certainly don't want us slamming down our pads in frustrated boredom over that one tedious minigame that's preventing us from moving on to the next level.

If you get a good minigame or two on your game disc it's a great bonus. But what about when you've paid full price for a game and not only is it void of any worthwhile extras but the game itself just doesn't cut it?

We've picked out five great minigames and some similar alternatives that have dared to ask us full price for the 'pleasure'. It just goes to show you don't always get what you pay for…