40 baffling movie plot holes


Sometimes films just dont make sense, and were not just talking about the ones directed by David Lynch. Were taking about those lapses in logic, when the storyline goes screwy and a character pops up where they shouldnt be or a something happens when it couldnt possibly happen, or a plot device breaks the rules already established in the plot (that ones a sci-fi speciality). Sometimes you dont notice them until youve seen a film a few times. Others come with big flashing neon signs. Here are some of the worst culprits...

40. Raiders of the Lost Ark

So Belloq's medallion only has writing on one side, the length of his staff is wrong and Indy is holding the only correct evidence for how to find the Ark.

As it turns out, the Nazis only get their hands on the damn thing because Indy digs it up for them. Why doesn't he simply go home?

Reasonable Explanation: Must be hard to shake the habit of a lifetime. Indy has to see the Ark for archeology bragging rights, even if it means the end of democracy and civilisation as we know it.

Which kind of makes him come across as an arrogant jerk, don't cha think?

39. Planet of the Apes (2001)

In Tim Burtons "reimagining," it is revealed that the humans and apes are descendants from the space station where Mark Wahlbergs scientist is working at the beginning of the movie.

This overelaborate bit of backstory doesnt explain, however, where the horses come from.

Reasonable Explanation: Unless there was a second space station manned by horses that crashed into the same planet, it's safe to assume the horses already lived there.

So, technically, the film should be called Planet of the Horses. They should sue.

38. The Matrix (1999)

So why oh why does the Matrix's dream world take place in a computer-literate society where a hacker like Neo can realise something's up and have the tools to get out?

Reasonable Explanation: This one's easy. The machines must choose a dream world that's normal enough to allay the suspicions of the majority, but pleasant enough that the cattle are content to graze.

That said, had they bunged the humans into the 1960s - The Beatles, Steve McQueen, free love and only a handful of computers - most folk would be too busy taking all the other pills to worry about taking the red pill.

37. Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace (1999)

...who just happens to be the Chosen One who will bring balance to the Force. Or, technically speaking, the precocious psycho who will help destroy the Jedi.

Its less a hole than an irredeemably lazy piece of writing. There are so many dramatic ways that the main character could be introduced, but repairs it is.

Reasonable Explanation: Like so much of the Star Wars universe, you could put this one down to the influence of the Force.

Ship won't work? It's the Force. Evil tyrant taking control of the Galaxy? The Force. Toast got burnt? Yup, that damned Force again. Should've used a toaster.

36. Transformers (2007)

Sam Witwicky (Shia LaBeouf), aka "Ladiesman217", has put a pair of glasses on eBay. By unfortunate coincidence, these are exactly the same glasses that the Decepticons are looking for because they contain the roadmap to where the All Spark is.

However, we later learn that the Decepticons can hack into the United States military network with ease, so surely placing a bid on eBay would be a walk in the park

Reasonable Explanation: The Decepticons don't have a Paypal account.

35. Vertigo (1958)

He pursues her to the McKittrick Hotel, where the landlady tells her Carlotta hasnt been in that day and her car has suddenly disappeared, too.

Is Scotty really following a ghost?

Reasonable Explanation: We later learn that this isn't Madeleine at all, but Judy Barton, hired by the real Madeleine's murderous husband Gavin to help cover up her death. Clearly, Judy is messing with Scotty's mind.

That doesn't explain the sheer dextrousness and speed of her escape from the hotel, which Hitchcock leaves as a hangover from the film's surreal first hour.

Perhaps Gavin was lurking outside to zoom off in the car, while Judy remains in the hotel room, hiding in a closet?

34. Aliens (1986)

After the initial skirmish, it takes the aliens absolutely bloody ages to crawl into the ventilation shafts so they can infiltrate the colony HQ from above. Why didn't they just try to bash the doors in?

Reasonable Explanation: They did; the scene was simply a victim of timing issues during the theatrical cut.

But it was reinstated for Cameron's preferred Director's Cut, where we learn the Marines left automated sentry guns to mow down the aliens during their abortive attack.

33. The Hangover (2009)

Seriously, hes just been sitting there. Danny Boyles forthcoming 127 Hours shows the desperate lengths a man will go to in order to survive, and there James Francos character is pinned down by a rock. Doug has no such excuse.

Reasonable Explanation: He doesnt really want to get married.

32. Batman Begins (2005)

Water pipes burst, sewer covers explode... but since the human body is composed of 75% water, shouldn't everybody in the city have died when the device was triggered?

Plus, what happened to anybody who boiled a kettle during the month the toxin was slowly being released into the water supply?

Reasonable Explanation: Regarding the microwave, maybe it's a matter of aim.

As for accidental toxin exposure... you kidding? This is Gotham City. Who's gonna notice a few more lunatics on the loose?