2007 Heaven - PS2

Rogue Galaxy - Level 5 - PS2 - Just released

This space-faring adventure is the latest creation from Level 5, the studio behind last year’s excellent Dragon Quest VIII: Journey Of The Cursed King. Another cel-shaded RPG, it follows a teenager called Jaster as he escapes his desert planet home to explore the galaxy with a band of pirates. Think Jack Sparrow meets Star Wars. It promises a massive adventure too, with over a hundred hours of playing time as you sail seamlessly between handful of planets. The real-time combat mixes blades with guns, and you can forge your own weaponry from stolen items.

GamesRadar thinks:
So far, this isthe big RPG of 2007, and is packed with enough cool activities to keep even the most obsessive RPG nerd happy. To read what we thought of it in full, check outour review.