2007 Heaven - PS2

Okay, so you're still saving your pennies in the hope that someday you'll be able to get a shiny, new PlayStation 3. Don't feel like there's nothing at all to play on your PS2. It may not be the new hotness, but it's got plenty to keep you from going into the irradiated wasteland some call "outside".

Tomb Raider Anniversary - Crystal Dynamics - PS2 - ETA: June 2007

Why is a remake of a ten-year-old game so important? Because Lara’s original adventure is one of PlayStation’s all-time greats, and this brand new version hopes to recapture the magic using Legends' gorgeous engine. The story (magical artifacts, finding Atlantis) is the same, but the exploration and puzzle-solving have been broughtup to date. It also promises a return to the huge, non-linear levels that made the original series famous.