100 Reasons Fanboys Hate PC Gaming

100 Reasons Fanboys Hate:

Now that we’ve honed your console hatred to laser intensity, we must turn our attention to the biggest snobs in gaming. You know, those guys and gals who think consoles are children’s toys and pour every last dime into keeping their PCs upgraded with all the latest components (no one at GamesRadar is like that, we swear.) When you try to tell these people they could have purchased a comfortable mid-sized sedan for the amount of money they’ve dropped on video cards alone, they’ll launch into a diatribe about gigaflops, nanolatency, or somesuch eye-glazing jargon that makes you wish you hadn’t brought it up in the first place. Thus it is with some trepidation that we present you with GamesRadar’s 100 Reasons Fanboys Hate PC Gaming. Please don’t haxxor our servers.

Just to prove we have a sense of humor about this Week of Hate thing, tomorrow we’ll reveal a humbling 100 Reasons Fanboys Hate GamesRadar.  

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100 Reasons Fanboys Hate PC Gaming 

1. Expensive: Case
2. ...Motherboard
3. ...RAM
4. ...Videocard
5. ...CPU
6. ...Sound Card
7. ...DVD drive
8. ...liquid cooling
9. ...monitor
10. ...speakers
11. Instantly obsolete!
12. Mac gaming
13. Custom EQ keyboard
14. Pistol mouse
15. Weighted mouse
16. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
17. Multi-disc installs
18. Second Life Furry Hookers
19. Politicians in Second Life
20. Flight Stick
21. Racing Wheel
22. Crazy Seating
23. Superior Graphics Arrogance
24. Pervy mouse pads
25. Nutsack has challenged you to a duel
26. Wing Commander II
27. Case mods
28. Viruses/Trojans/Worms
29. Star Force
30. EULA agreements
31. Crysis Minimum/Required Specs
32. Vista underwhelming
33. Long-ass Serial #s
34. More Dots!
35. Bill Gates
36. America's Army recruits you
37. Overclockers
38. Deer Hunter
39. JFK reloaded
40. John Romero - Daikatana ad
41. Point and Click sucks
42. Historical RTS
43. Fantasy RTS
44. Space RTS
45. Historical FPS
46. Fantasy FPS
47. Space FPS
48. Historical MMO
49. Fantasy MMO
50. Space MMO
51. Leroy Jenkins
52. World of Warcraft
53. Gold Farmers
54. World of Walkcraft
55. Monthly subscription fees
56. World of Chatcraft
57. Korean MMO player dies
58. Crazy guy killed old woman for sub-fee
59. Killed over MMO item
60. FATA1337 merch
61. Velvet Rope fees
62. Runescape
63. Super Columbine Massacre RPG
64. Edutainment (Carmen Sandiego)
65. Nancy Drew series
66. Steam killed accounts
67. Designer name in title
68. Steve Ballmer goes crazy
69. Patches
70. Driver updates
71. /pizza
72. Hellgate sucked
73. Microtransactions
74. Overly realistic simulators
75. Solitaire
76. Pinball
77. Minesweeper
78. Doom Movie
79. Guitar Hero III: unrocking
80. Beards
81. Online Flash games
82. Quake 2 - Hope you like brown
83. Alienware $
84. Games for Windows rebrand
85. Sims-too many
86. Xbox Live for PC
87. Alternate History anything
88. Pirates of Silicon Valley
89. LAN parties
90. World cybergames
91. Pro Gamers
92. Windows ME
93. 3D card arms race
94. Win 95 "Start me Up"
95. Fury ads
96. EQ arriages
97. Duke Nukem Forever
98. Zero G Space Flight Tabula Rasa
99. 1337 speak
100. Blue Screen of Death

Mar 27, 2008

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