10 things we’d like to see in Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood

Among the things the copy on the back of the box promises is the ability to conquer Rome, although it’s impossible to tell whether it’s meant in a literal or figurative sense. If it is literal, though, then we’d really like to see a gang-war-style campaign for the city, with Ezio and his Assassins quietly wresting control of one district after another from the Templars. Ideally, it would then be possible to lord over them, much like Ezio does with his own fortress at Monteriggioni in ACII. Landmarks and businesses could be restored and improved, opening up new items and avenues for exploration.

Above: Like this, but more of it, and with Rome

If nothing else, though, city administration was a surprisingly fun part of ACII, and we’d be a little disappointed if it didn’t return in some form.