10 reasons to savor Ratchet & Clank Future: ToD

This is one game you won't want to just finish and forget

Nov 29, 2007

1) Use the best guns ever
Over 97% of videogames are about guns.* And yet here%26rsquo;s a game defined almost entirely by gunplay that feels anything but tired. What%26rsquo;s the secret? Imagination, Gandalf-level programming skills and colour by the circus-load. Every time you pull the trigger in Tools of Destruction, a great big pile of voodoo gunpowder speeds out of it and makes the screen go maximum awesome. Guns that make us grin instead of grimace? That%26rsquo;s the real future right there.


2) Crushto and the Arena
The Arena can be found on Planet Mukow, and features a fistful of challenges to be bested in return for heaps of bolts. As well as spinning sawblades, flame-spouting hazards and streams of enemies capable of mortar fire, you’ll find Crushto - a giant shark-mutant with guns for hands. Can you defeat him in under a minute? Done that? Then how about beating hordes of enemies with just your wrench?

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