Zombi loses a U and lurches toward PS4, Xbox One, and PC

Update: There's more info on how Zombi plays on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

If you missed ZombiU when it came out in 2012, you, uh, definitely weren't alone. Now Ubisoft is turning its surprisingly inventive Wii U launch title into a downloadable game for PC, PS4, and Xbox One, scheduled for release on August 18.

Ubisoft says Zombi (it dropped the "U" for obvious reasons) has been "optimized" for new consoles, though the publisher didn't mention any other changes. The first-person survival horror game will need some tweaks to its inventory management and environment scanning elements, both of which made heavy use of the GamePad's screen and touch controls.

Fun fact: Zombi shares its name with the first game ever published by Ubisoft, a 1986 first-person action-adventure that follows four survivors in an undead infested shopping mall. And yes, even its box art looks like the poster for Dawn of the Dead.

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