Zero Punctuation: the rip-offs!

Anyone with a passing interest in the videogame internets will have caught the very mighty Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw's weekly video reviews. If not,check 'em out, very funny, very cool, yes we wish he worked for GamesRadar… Anyhow, unless you spend all your free time poking around in the neatherbelly of YouTube, you may not have seen the bastard offspring of Yahtzee's crude animation style and nimble-mouthed swear-mongering.

Put simply, loads of people have ripped him off. They've stolen the visual style. They've attempted the breakneck-babble. They've shoehorned a rather sweet jewel of originality into a number of videos that'll leave you either red-faced with fury or red faced with embarrassment. Either way you lose…

Oh yeah, just so you know, we've left the worst till last.

The populist film one
Ratatouille by Apunctual

We'll kick off with a deconstruction of the appeal, or otherwise of Disney's Ratatouille. All the Yahtzee signatures are faithfully ruined, including the speedy chatter, the images + words = a point and the 'humorous' credits gag. Although his effort to go crude on the animation have arguably been rather too successful. You rarely see illustrations this poor outside an Etch a Sketch in an amputee ward.

The slightly more highbrow film one
The Great Debaters Review by chaplain118

This guy applied the Yahtzee style to the recent Denzel yawn-fest The Great Debaters. Intro music: check. Little figures with hats on: check. Overuse and unamusing of the word 'shitty': oh dear.

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