Zack Snyder talks Army of the Dead's robot zombies and aliens

Army of the Dead
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Army of the Dead features theories that have thrown us through loops, time loops, and even had us looking towards the stars. Now, director Zack Snyder has spoken in more detail about the "alien origins" of the zombies, while also addressing another flavor of the undead that has captured the imaginations of fans.

When asked during a fan Q&A on Day 1 on Netflix’s Geeked Week event about the link between zombies having blue blood and being robots, Snyder replied that are those with blue blood are "Not necessarily [robots]."

Snyder expanded: "The robot zombies when you kill them, they spark instead of bleed. But the blue blood zombies – or the baby zombie when you see his blue essence sort of fade – I think it has something more to do with their alien origins than them being possibly robots."

The director then went on to definitively say that those zombies with blue blood are not robots, though zombies of the nuts-and-bolts variety are still present in the movie.

Attention, inevitably, now turns to the pair of Army of the Dead prequels that are just over the horizon in the hopes that they’ll provide further context to the big interstellar question hanging over the fledgling franchise.

Army of Thieves, directed and starring Dieter actor Matthias Schweighöfer, is set to premiere later this year and will chart the German safecracker's exploits a few years prior to his stop-off in Sin City. An anime series, Lost Vegas, is also currently in the works and will harken back to the zombie wars featuring Dave Bautista's Scott Ward. Other cast members, including Ana de la Reguera, also return from the main movie.

For those needing a quicker fix of extra-terrestrial fun, you can actually spot UFOs in the opening few minutes of Army of the Dead – two floating orbs of light can be seen hovering over Area 51 before speeding off.

Netflix's Geeked Week, meanwhile, is seriously bringing the goods. Shadow and Bone season 2 has been confirmed during the week-long event, while Vikings: Valhalla has debuted its first piece of footage.

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