Zach Snyder sneaks Watchmen image / naked ladies into 300 trailer

Who watches the Watchmen? Well, you, now that Zach Snyder’s inserted a sneak peek at his next comic-book project into his extended 300 trailer.

Fanboys will be agog at the uncut reel, which features ultra-violence, ladies’ boobies and a glance at one of the coolest characters in comic-book history.

Rorschach is the Batman of Alan Moore’s Watchmen universe, a violent vigilante who’s at the centre of the labyrinthine plot.

And it may only be a test image of our anti-hero, but it’s a brilliant one – and the surest sign yet that Snyder is the right man for the job. You can take a gander at it here .

But don’t get too excited – the Watchmen adaptation’s one of the most cursed properties in Hollywood (it’s been kicking around since the late ‘80s). It’s set for a 2008 release, but experience tells us that means approximately nothing.

However, what with Snyder’s ace 300 packing cinemas, and following the success of Sin City, there’s a good chance we’re finally going to get to see Moore’s masterwork made flesh.

Source: ( Ain't It Cool )