Zac Efron confirms Star Wars: Episode VII meeting

Zac Efron has confirmed that he has met with Disney for a role in Star Wars: Episode VII .

During a promotional tour for raunchy romcom That Awkward Moment , Efron and co-stars Michael B. Jordan and Miles Teller were asked by MTV ’s Josh Horowitz about who’d be most likely to appear in Star Wars (given their current statuses, it’s easy to imagine them all being in with a shot).

Efron admitted, “Yeah, I just went and met with them. So I don't know. It would be cool. I love [ the Star Wars movies ], I love them, but… who knows?"

According to previous auditionee Saoirse Ronan, Star Wars is “something that everyone’s gone up for,” so as of now, it’s hard to predict the likelihood of Efron actually signing on the dotted line.

While his High School Musical background would no doubt be the centre of uproar from certain quarters, he has been tackling more diverse, adult material of late, including That Awkward Moment , and the upcoming Bad Neighbours (in which he plays Seth Rogen’s douchey neighbour).

With director J.J. Abrams known for keeping his cards close to his chest, we could be waiting for an official Star Wars casting announcement for some time. Until then, check out our epic video series, in which we ask some of the biggest stars in movieland if they’d be up for getting involved.

Star Wars: Episode VII opens on Friday 18 December 2015.

Matt Maytum
Editor, Total Film

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