You've never heard the Mario theme played on one of these

As Joe's recent 'You played videogame music on WHAT??' feature demonstrated, if something makes a noise - any noise at all - chances are that a gamer will try and play a favourite video game tune on it. Like this laser cutter, for example.

This laser cutter makes a noise and some people made it play the Mario theme. I know nothing about laser cutters, so am not properly qualified to comment on whether making a laser cutter perform such a thing as the Mario music is impressive or not. Maybe laser cutters come from the factory pre-programmed to play the Mario music. I just don't know. Anyway, this is it:

The laser cutter belongs to a Toronto-based hacker collective called HackLab (opens in new tab). It is them that made the laser cutter make the Mario music. They did it a year ago, but I hadn't seen it until today, when I saw it here (opens in new tab). I just wanted to share the laser love.

Do you have access to a laser cutter? Can you make it perform video game related music? Do you do requests?

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