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Your most hilarious Halo: Reach screenshots – RESULTS!

"Dying in videogames usually isn't fun… unless you're playing Halo: Reach, of course. Then it's absolutely HYSTERICAL."

That was the theory behind our latest contest, and based on what you've sent us over the past three weeks, that theory was correct. Pause your multiplayer match at the right moment, or the right angle, and what was once a frustrating Halo: Reach demise can suddenly transform into surreal art, or even better, lowbrow slapstick.

Submitted by Nick B.

We received dozens of entries, containing hundreds of maimed and disfigured Spartans, but the actual winner might surprise you. First, however, let's look at the best of the rest!



Submitted by Jonathan Ethanol

Submitted by COLDcolt45

Submitted by iJizzLots

Submitted by Shadowsedge117

Submitted by Shadowsedge117

Submitted by BIG DAN805

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