You sunk Kevin Butler's Battleship! No wait, you just made him retweet the PS3 jailbreak code

We love Kevin Butler. After all, what’s not to adore about a definitely not fake Sony advertising lackey. Glorified corporate shill or not, though, most of his adverts please our eyes with their wry humour and pithy delivery. Still, KB (or, more accurately the people who run his Twitter account) have made themselves look like total buffoons by accidentally retweeting the PS3 jailbreak code.

But before we bash KB, just look at the charming VP of Whatever-the-Hell-he-Feels-Like’s adorable wee face, to remind you of the better times…

Above: Awwwwww, bless

Right, fond reminiscing over. Y’know the fairlyinfamous METLDR root keythat allows folk to jailbreak their PS3s to run homebrew software? If you do, congratulations. Because you sure as shit know more about up-to-date PS3 news than KB’s Twitter minions, who accidentally retweeted the code from a chap named Travis La Marr. Apparently, they’re so ludicrously on the ball, they thought it was a Battleships reference.

Above: Again we say: "Awwwwww, Bless

Wisely, Sony has removed the offending tweet. Somewhere, we know George “Geohot” Holtz (the father of the PS3 jailbreak) is laughing… between all the Sony subpoenas, that is.

Source: Engadget

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Feb 9, 2011

David Meikleham
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