You Got Served review

Boasting an identical plot to Honey, Chris Stokes' energetic story of body-popping "street dancers" also contains strong echoes of 8 Mile and - - wait for it - - Bring It On.

Elgin (Marques Houston) and David (Omari Grandberry) run the best footloose team in South Central LA, effortlessly vanquishing all-comers in a weekly dance-off. But their supremacy is threatened when a white posse from Orange County steal their moves - and their crown. Can they get their groove back in time to win MTV's `Big Bounce' competition? They'd better if they want to nab the prize of a guest appearance in Li'l Kim's next video...

Taking its title from street slang for (stiffen that upper lip) "getting one's comeuppance", You Got Served relies on its fast-and-furious dance-offs to keep boredom at bay. It's testament to their vibrancy that you can readily forgive the dull bits in between, including a dumb heroes-fall-out subplot that's every bit as skimpy as Li'l Kim's bikini.

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