You ever want to feel like you're really petting Trico? Last Guardian VR would like your attention December 12

After years of The Last Guardian being trapped in development hell, Sony surprised fans and critics alike by actually releasing the dang thing last year. Even more impressive, it was pretty good! Even so, such a build-up of anticipation might have left you wanting a bit more. If that describes you (and you have a PlayStation VR or are willing to spend the money on one), good news: there's a Last Guardian VR experience coming to PS4 on December 12.

Better news: it's free.

The Last Guardian VR is referred to as a "demo," but don't go getting any ideas about a bigger project in the works. Over on the PlayStation Blog, JAPAN Studio Executive Producer Yasutaka Asakura clearly explains that's not the case. "The Last Guardian VR Demo is a short experience, and it is standalone," he writes. "But it is an amazing testament to the power of PS VR to immerse, and the breathtaking scale and character of the world of The Last Guardian."

Asakura also notes that the game only requires a DualShock, so no need for the motion control wands that some VR games utilize. In fact, you don't even need to own The Last Guardian either - the experience is completely free.

As for what you'll do in the demo, it looks like you'll be limited to basic interactions like petting Trico, tossing barrels, and riding on the creature's back. Still, to do that with the sense of scale that Trico would actually have sounds like a pretty spectacular use of virtual reality technology.

Sam Prell

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