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You can now play DOOM in Minecraft

(Image credit: u/uDrunkMate via Reddit)

We've already seen Minecraft being played in Minecraft, but now there's a new game in town - DOOM.

A new post shows how Redditor uDrunkMate used the VM Computers mod to run DOOM from within their Minecraft game. According to The Verge, the mod uses VirtualBox, a free, open-source virtual machine software – hence VM in the mod name – to run retro operating systems like Windows 95. 

Here it is in action:

I played DOOM in Minecraft with VMComputers mod. from r/Minecraft

This new development shouldn't come as a surprise given YouTuber Fundy recently made the entirety of Minecraft playable within Minecraft

Fundy explained it was created by having a separate server running coded in Node in order to record the entire monitor. The program then took the pixels from the desktop and converted them into RBG values, which recreated the colours and compares them to blocks in Minecraft. Impressive, eh? 

In related news, Minecraft fans have finally discovered the world seed for Minecraft's most iconic world – the map that displays in the background behind the game's title screen. 

After a fan-powered project kicked off on June 2020, players had been working collaboratively to try and locate the world's seed – the specific string of numbers that generates a particular unique Minecraft world. After the project lead, Tomlacko, learned "as much as [they] could about the panorama and it's world (the version, world axis and the exact Z coordinate using clouds)", they shared their findings on the Discord server of Minecraft@Home and just a month later, the seed was discovered.

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