YouTuber Fundy spent months making the entirety of Minecraft playable in Minecraft

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YouTuber Fundy has made the entirety of Minecraft (opens in new tab) playable within Minecraft in one of the most meta and creative ways. 

As you can see in the video, Fundy is playing Minecraft in Minecraft, and if as if that wasn't already impressive enough, the screen pans out to reveal the Youtuber's entire desktop and computer is running within the game, too. You can check out the video below: 

So just what inspired this impressive Minecraft-ception? 

"I've always had an interest in making weird contraptions / creations," Fundy tells me. "In the past, I made a program that allowed me to control my computer via messages. I'd have the livestream open, where people from the livestream could type "left" in the chatbox, and after a few seconds, the character or program that my computer was running would then also move to the left. 

"When I was fiddling with ideas on how I could control Minecraft in the weirdest ways, I thought, 'why not control Minecraft with Minecraft?'. This idea then slowly became the concept of running/displaying Minecraft in Minecraft, and being able to Minecraft from within the game." 

Towards the end of the video, Fundy explains how the very meta creation was made via Minecraft, by having a separate server running that's coded in Node in order to record the entire monitor. The program then takes the pixels from the desktop and converts them into RBG values, which recreate the colours and compares it to blocks in Minecraft. 

Coming up with a way to successfully pull this off is impressive in and of itself, and it's something Fundy has been working on for months: "In the video, I explained that it took many, many hours, but that is an understatement. I've had this project going for months and had to take many breaks from frustration of it not working properly. Eventually, after many failed attempts, it just worked." 

We even see Fundy being streamed within the game with the fully runnable computer in Minecraft. There are so many layers to the meta inception. I ask Fundy what the most challenging part of making it work was. 

"The most challenging part was to actually have it update in real-time. Of course, I could show my screen in Minecraft, and getting that done wouldn't take too much time, but making it run fast, smooth, and [in] real-time was the toughest part." 

The inventive video is already nearing 3 million views as of writing this article, a little under a week since it was first posted, and Fundy has found the reception to it "incredibly overwhelming".

"The support and the way my audience took the idea has been amazing. Seeing many news articles pop up not even 3 days after it was published is mindblowing, and I am very happy with the result." 

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