Yoshi-P doesn't expect a Final Fantasy 16 sequel or spin-off, says the team has moved onto new projects

Final Fantasy 16 protagonist Clive conjures up a magic fireball
(Image credit: Square Enix)

Final Fantasy 16’s core development crew have moved on from the project and aren’t expecting to work on a direct follow-up, according to the game’s producer.

Producer Naoki “Yoshi-P” Yoshida recently said as much in an interview with Famitsu: “The development team for [Final Fantasy 16] has been disbanded apart from the main DLC team, so at the least, we are not expecting to make a sequel or spin-off.”

Yoshi-P explains that the team “accumulated a lot of knowledge” while building the world of Valisthea and would rather “work on the next title or consider a new challenge” - rather than add to Final Fantasy 16 “forever.” The much-loved producer does leave the door slightly ajar, though: “If you ask me if there will be anything related to FF16 in the future, I don’t know. Since I don't know what will happen, I'd rather not say anything definite.”

Yoshi-P is referring to Square Enix’s internal Creative Business Unit 3 (catchy name), so a spin-off or side project could be possible at another studio, though it would be worrying to see the game’s lead producer left in the dark about it. 

Business Unit 3 recently shadow-dropped Final Fantasy 16’s paid DLC called Echoes of the Fallen, adding a whole new story, battles, weapons, and an increased level cap to the game. The Rising Tide DLC is due next year and will see main man Clive go up against the colossal Leviathan. Beyond that, it seems the core team will work on another mainline Final Fantasy, or something entirely new. 

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is next in line, however, and we received a new look during The Game Awards 2023. The new trailer also nods toward a four-year-old mystery that’s been left unanswered.

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