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Yogi Bear review

Smarter than the average bear, but he hasn't weathered the move to the big screen well...

The ’60s cartoon bear goes big screen, attempting to save his beloved Jellystone Park from being sold to loggers.

Any potential retro-charm is quickly rubbed out by creepy CGI, a tired reality-TV conceit and failure to grasp that Yogi’s appeal lies in his delivery and quick wit, not eye-stabbing 3D gimmicks or life-like depictions of picnic-basket heists.

Still, it’s surprisingly free of bears-pooping-in-the-woods gags, while the vocal turns (Dan Aykroyd’s Yogi, Justin Timberlake’s dead-on Boo Boo) are at least lively.

But that’s no reason to actually see it, unless you’re five.

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