Yogi Bear review

Smarter than the average bear, but he hasn't weathered the move to the big screen well...

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The ’60s cartoon bear goes big screen, attempting to save his beloved Jellystone Park from being sold to loggers.

Any potential retro-charm is quickly rubbed out by creepy CGI, a tired reality-TV conceit and failure to grasp that Yogi’s appeal lies in his delivery and quick wit, not eye-stabbing 3D gimmicks or life-like depictions of picnic-basket heists.

Still, it’s surprisingly free of bears-pooping-in-the-woods gags, while the vocal turns (Dan Aykroyd’s Yogi, Justin Timberlake’s dead-on Boo Boo) are at least lively.

But that’s no reason to actually see it, unless you’re five.

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