Yo, what comes next?

Majesco announced today that it is still not dead as a publisher and will actually be bringing an updated version of the popular puzzler Bust-A-Move to Nintendo's next-gen-ish Wii console early next year. Fans of the infamous Bub and Bob (veterans of the classic Bubble Bobble) are in for a kinetic treat as Bust-A-Move Bash! will take full advantage of the innovative Wii controller, turning gamers everywhere into spastic arm-flailers.

As if the expansive Puzzle Mode (featuring 500 levels - good lord!) wasn't enough, Bust-A-Move Bash! also delivers something called Endless Mode touted as "a challenging test of bubble-bursting skill and endurance." From what we've played of other Wii titles, endurance is definitely a factor thanks to the physical demands of the Wii-mote, so we may end up skipping Endless Mode in favor of the new eight player Vs. Mode or the intriguing Shooting Mode in which you'll have to stave off oncoming torrents of bubbles from every direction - our weak spaghetti arms simply aren't up to the prolonged physical activity.

November 9, 2006