Xevious, Rush 'n Attack for XBLA

Right on time, Microsoft has confirmed this week's Xbox Live Arcade offerings as Konami's Rush 'n Attack and Xevious from Namco.

The first game is a side-scrolling shooter which has you gunning through levels rescuing prisoners of war. It's been given a slight (and we mean slight) visual overhaul for XBLA, along with the usual Leaderboard and Achievement mischief.

Xevious is a shooter of the vertical kind, with spaceships and other exciting stuff to shoot at. It was pretty damn good fun back in it's day, but whether or not anyone will want to play it in 2007 remains to be seen.

Both games are yours - if you want them - for 400 Microsoft points tomorrow, which is $5.

May 22, 2007