XCOM sequel teased, Enemy Unknown iOS port announced

2K and Firaxis brought plenty of XCOM news to PAX East 2013 for Commanders eager to fight more invading alien forces. The first, most concrete information comes with the reveal of XCOM: Enemy Unknown for iOS, an iPad and iPhone version of the game due out later this year. It's the real deal, too--2K China is handling the port, and it's squeezing every ounce of Enemy Unknown onto iOS (with a little help from Firaxis, naturally).

A price wasn't announced, but it was confirmed that the size of the game will permit a higher price point--it was, after all, one of the best games to come out last year, and that was at $60. Don't be shocked if the version that shows up on the App store costs more than Angry Birds is all we're saying.

Firaxis also teased a potential sequel to Enemy Unknown with an extremely short audio clip. "Hello, Commander..." a familiar voice started, commenting about fighting a new threat before being cut off by static. New DLC? New game?! No one is saying, but Firaxis's confirmation that it might be a while until we find out more about this mystery project is as good a sign as any that it's likely going to be something big.

You'll not be without XCOM for too long, though: XCOM soldiers are being added to Civilization V's next expansion: Brave New World. They sound super boss, and totally overpowered, but we can't wait to drop them in on unsuspecting enemy nations.

Hollander Cooper

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