Xbox Wireless Headset apparently makes mention of a VR headset

Microsoft Xbox Wireless Headset
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 Update: Microsoft says that Xbox Series X VR is "not a focus for us."

In a post on Twitter, former Kotaku editor Stephen Totilo cited an Xbox representative as saying "the copy in this error message is inaccurate due to a localization bug. VR is not a focus for us at this time." That doesn't necessarily rule out a virtual reality project from Microsoft in the future, but is likely to mean that the new headset isn't tied into an imminent announcement.

Original story: An error message for the new Xbox Wireless Headset apparently makes mention of a VR unit for the Xbox family of consoles.

Earlier today, a report from IGN Italy claimed that they received an error message when they plugged in the new Xbox Wireless Headset to their Xbox console. What's unusual about this error message is that it makes mention of a VR unit being available for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S line of consoles from Microsoft.

Here at Gamesradar, we've found no such mention of a VR unit when using the new Xbox Wireless Headset. We've received firmware update notifications in the past for the new headset, but when plugging the headset in via a cable to try and replicate the settings that IGN Italy used, we've found no such error message pointing to a VR unit.

Oddly enough, this isn't actually the first time a Microsoft-related product has referenced a VR unit for the latest Xbox consoles. Last year in October, a user uncovered code in Microsoft Flight Simulator that made reference to a VR unit for "Scarlett," the original codename for the next-gen consoles that would go on to become the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S.

VR support would eventually launch for Microsoft Flight Simulator, but not through any unannounced Xbox VR headset. Back in December 2020, Microsoft Flight Simulator VR support finally launched after being in closed beta for a number of weeks, letting users fly around the world in VR through using headsets like the Windows Mixed Reality Headset, Valve Index, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and others.

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