Xbox update quietly fixes "many of the controller disconnects players have reported"

Xbox Series X Pulse Red Controller
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The latest Xbox update quietly fixed some of the controller connection issues that players have reported in the past few weeks while adding new ways to improve the performance of backwards compatible games. 

The controller fixes aren't highlighted in the official patch notes, but over on Twitter, Xbox program manager Jason Ronald confirmed that "in addition to the new features, this release also fixes many of the controller disconnects players have reported." The update is now live, so hopefully affected controllers feel more reliable.

The new features in the update include toggles for the FPS boost and auto HDR settings for backwards compatible games. The FPS boost arrived in February, so this update is just giving you the option to turn it off in order to prioritize resolution. 

"In your game’s manage settings, you can choose your compatibility options and toggle on or off Auto HDR and FPS Boost," explains principal program manager lead Jonathan Hildebrandt. "Once you restart the game, your selections will be applied – you can verify it by pressing the Xbox button and checking the indicators under the clock. Not every game will support these features, so the compatibility options may not be available for your game."

Mobile users are also getting a bit of love with an update to the Xbox app. Simply put, achievements are returning, albeit slowly. Microsoft is starting with a limited achievement rollout this month and will bring them to all app users in the future. Planned features include a full achievement list with details and unlock notifications, with leaderboards still to come in the months ahead. 

To round things out, the March update laid the groundwork for the new Xbox wireless headset coming on March 16, and added new options for managing subscription services and game installs. You can view the full update details on the Xbox newswire

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