Xbox Series X may make user repairs for the SSD easier than you'd expect

Xbox Series X
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It looks like the internal storage for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S may be relatively easy to access for user repairs, though you should always be cautious about opening your console.

Since the new consoles started rolling out worldwide, folks have naturally gotten curious and started popping them open to see what their guts look like. They mostly found a lot of metal bits and circuit boards, as you'd expect, but they also discovered some encouraging news for the home-repair crowd: the built-in SSD for both of Microsoft's new consoles is fitted in a slot underneath a screwed-in heatsink, rather than being soldered directly to the motherboard (as is the case for PS5).

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The internal SSD storage appears to be of a standard M.2 2230 format, which should make it easier to replace if need be - and perhaps to even upgrade your built-in storage down the line. Keep in mind that that is a big perhaps. There are all kinds of compatibility issues that mean you absolutely should not plan on rushing out to install your own new storage upgrade, including the fact that cracking your new console open will instantly void your warranty.

Still, it will be interesting to watch what hardware hackers and local repair shops alike can do with this, especially as it's becoming more and more common for tech manufacturers to use designs that deliberately thwart attempts at unauthorized repairs.

If you're still looking to pick up your own console, make sure you check out our guide on the best Xbox Series X price and how to buy a PS5.

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