Xbox Series X fans rejoice at store performance filtering discovery

Xbox Series X
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With the Xbox Series X FPS boost feature out now, Xbox fans are discovering another feature that's perfect for picking up some new favorites: improved Xbox Store filtering options.

You can now filter games on the Xbox Store by technical capabilities including 60FPS, Ray Tracing, 120FPS etc. from r/XboxSeriesX

Reddit user ChainsForAlice posted a video showing off the Xbox Store's filtering options, which include performance and visual tags such as 60 FPS, 120 FPS, and ray tracing. The video has taken off on the dedicated Xbox Series X subreddit, with most of the commenters remarking on how handy the feature is, and how glad they are that Microsoft listened to fan feedback, and some of them rightfully pointing out that these filtering options have actually been available for a while. But hey, if you didn't know it was there in the first place, it's new to you, right?

The next step is adding these filtering options to the games you already have, since one of the best parts of owning an Xbox Series X is revisiting your back catalog to see many of the games you loved on previous generations looking and performing even better now.

While Xbox Series X hasn't had any major interface overhauls yet - it's only been out since November, after all - it has still received some clutch updates: one made it a lot harder to accidentally hit Xbox Assist when you're just trying to quit out of a game, and another fixed 4K Blu-ray black levels after being slightly too bright for a while. It's the little things that let you know they truly care.

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