Xbox Series X update means you'll accidentally hit Xbox Assist less

(Image credit: Xbox)

Xbox Series X has finally fixed a tiny issue that caused an extremely disproportionate amount of frustration among hardcore players.

While the Xbox user interface has remained largely consistent over the last few years, it's steadily evolved with new tweaks on the aesthetic side here and menu functionality there. One such change was adding Xbox Assist, a built-in support tool, to the menu that pops up when you access game options on the dashboard. More specifically, the bottom of the menu, which is where fans had previously built up years of muscle memory to quit or manage their games.

This resulted in countless frustrated Xbox fans pulling up the menu, pressing RT to instantly select the bottom item, then being greeted by Xbox Assist when they were not in need of any Xbox assistance. As of the latest console update, Reddit users are reporting that Microsoft has moved the Xbox Assist option into its own sub-menu; it's still at the bottom of the list, but you need to explicitly push down on the D-pad or analog stick to get to it, rather than automatically dropping into that spot when you push RT.

Reddit user Workwombat, a verified Xbox staff member from the Xbox Insider Reddit, acknowledged that the interface tweak was inspired by the Xbox community. Sometimes little tweaks like these are the best way to let us know they care.

Microsoft also recently revealed the new Xbox Series X FPS boost feature for playing backwards compatible Xbox One games, though it's "still evaluating" if it could work with Xbox 360 titles.

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