Xbox One button mapping comes to normal controllers. Press X to... anything

You no longer need the $150howmuchareyoucrazy?! Elite Xbox One controller to enjoy the thrills of reloading on the wrong button. The 'New Xbox One Experience' has now added button remapping for all the prole pads out there.

You've got three options if you want to move things around: from settings you can access either 'Kinect & devices' and then 'device and accessories', or 'ease of access' then 'button mapping'. Or you can just use the Xbox Accessories app.

The system uses a button pairing system, so if you map the left trigger to X then X is automatically reversed to the left trigger and so on. Unlike the Elite controller seriously$150whatareyouon the normal controller can't store whatever cockamamie set ups you create, so they live on the console only. If you want to use a custom configuration on any other systems you'll have to manually recreate it. PC support for normal pads is also on the way, to be confirmed later.

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Leon Hurley
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