Xbox is working with TV manufacturers to bring cloud gaming to your screen

Xbox Cloud Gaming
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Xbox Cloud Gaming is coming soon to smart TVs, meaning you'll only need your big screen and a controller to play the latest Xbox games.

The new detail was confirmed in GQ's new interview with Xbox boss Phil Spencer and other key figures from within Microsoft's gaming division. Spencer told GQ that Microsoft is currently working with TV manufacturers to make Xbox Cloud Gaming a reality for smart TVs, and while the article doesn't put any sort of time table on the first TVs with this feature rolling out, it does say "soon."

Xbox Cloud Gaming is currently supported on PC, iPhone and Android, and even on Xbox One (though the latter is currently in testing). It allows Xbox Game Pass Unlimited subscribers to stream games to the devices of their choice and play them either with a connected controller or even play certain specially designated games such as Minecraft Dungeon and Sea of Thieves via touch controls.

Speaking of control options, one of the biggest hurdles to clear for Xbox Cloud Gaming directly through your TV will likely be making sure controllers sync properly. You probably wouldn't want to try playing Halo Infinite with your remote control.

Many smart TVs come with built-in Bluetooth these days, which is all you need to wirelessly connect a standard Xbox controller. Even if your TV doesn't have Bluetooth, a system update may be able to make it compatible with the existing Xbox wireless adapter dongle, which plugs into a standard USB Type-A port. We'll just have to wait and see what Microsoft and its TV manufacturer partners have planned.

Whether or not you can beam them straight to your TV, these are some of the upcoming Xbox Series X games we're the most excited about. 

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