Xbox games on 360: 'There's enough'

Friday 2 June 2006
Gamers aren't fussed about whether they can use their back catalogues of Xbox games on their new 360s, according to Microsoft's vice president of gaming Peter Moore.

"Nobody is concerned anymore about backwards compatibility," says Moore, conveniently forgetting the uproar that greeted the next-gen machine's paltry support for old Xbox games at 360's launch.

The issue is that each and every Xbox game must be 'patched' by Microsoft before it can work on the 360 hardware. Developers have no say in what games are, or aren't, on the depressingly short list of titles that Microsoft has decided will be compatible with Xbox 360.

"We under-promised and over-delivered," claims Moore during an interview with Kikizo. "More are coming but at some point you just go, There's enough, let's move on." Moore concludes that he feels Microsoft "upheld our end of the bargain in making at least two or three hundred games backwards compatible".

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