Xbox Game Pass is coming to Oculus through a VR TV and it's as weird as it sounds

Xbox Game Pass on Meta Connect
(Image credit: Meta)

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is coming to Oculus via Xbox Cloud Gaming, giving you a chance to play the subscription service's titles on a bizarre, 2D VR TV screen. 

The details can be found on the Meta Connect blog that rounds up the events of today's Meta Connect showcase, with the company announcing that it's teaming up with Microsoft to introduce Xbox Cloud Gaming onto the Meta Quest Store... eventually. That's a lot of proper nouns, so let's break this down a little.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is a service currently in beta testing and only available to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers. It lets you stream games to your phones, tablets, computers, specific Samsung TVs, Xbox consoles, and soon(ish), to Meta Quest 2 headsets. 

Since these are VR headsets we're talking about here, the non-VR games on Game Pass will need to be streamed onto a 2D TV that exists within the virtual environment rendered by the headset. The result, if the above picture is any indication, is at best odd. At worst, it could be the cause of some serious motion sickness. 

The virtual TV is slightly curved like some IRL TVs, but the effect is definitely strange to see in the VR world - especially since it appears to be floating on a virtual tropical beach in this example. Here's hoping the final presentation looks clean when you're actually wearing a headset.  

To make things even more interesting (and complicated), you'll be able to hook up an Xbox controller to the VR headset and use that instead of the typical VR-specific controllers used with the device. 

It's unclear how well this will translate for those looking to play Halo Infinite or Deathloop on a virtual TV, so we'll have to wait and see for now. Xbox Cloud Gaming's Meta Quest Store launch does not have a release date yet, but the announcement promises details "as soon as possible."

Meta Quest Pro has "next-generation" visuals and a $1,500 price tag.

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