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Xbox Game Pass is adding The Outer Worlds, Subnautica, and more games this month

(Image credit: Obsidian)

Xbox Game Pass is putting in the work to establish itself as one of the best gaming subscription models available, and the recently announced games are only helping the cause, from the highly-anticipated The Outer Worlds to Afterparty, a game that challenges you to outdrink Satan (where do I sign up).

On October 23, Lonely Mountains: Downhill and Secret Neighbor will be available on Xbox Game Pass. Lonely Mountains: Downhill is a bike racing game that challenges you to make your way safely down a mountain (as the name suggests). Secret Neighbor is a multiplayer horror game where kids try to save their friend from a neighbor's creepy house - but one of the kids is the neighbor (dun dun dun).

The next day, on October 24, Minit will come to Xbox Game Pass. You can only play Minit in sixty second intervals, in which you try and lift a curse that keeps ending days after only a minute passes - yes, like Outer Wilds. And speaking of (but not to be confused with) Outer Wilds, The Outer Worlds will be available on October 25, so if you don't already have Xbox Game Pass, you no longer have an excuse.

The Outer Worlds is the latest game from Obsidian Entertainment, a sci-fi RPG that lets you explore deep space and decide how your character fits into the universe-wide power struggle. Read our review of it, and know that it's wonderful. A few days after The Outer Worlds is released, Afterparty will be available on Xbox Game Pass on October 29. Afterparty is an action adventure game with a great conversation system that asks you to help the recently deceased Milo and Lola escape hell by outdrinking the devil. Easy enough, eh?

Xbox Game Pass rounds out its spate of new games with Lego Star Wars 3 (October 31), which offers an all-new story set in that universe, and Subnautica (November 7), which crash-lands you on an alien ocean world - and the only way out is down. 

In short, Xbox Game Pass is absolutely loaded with good content, and it's only going to get better start October 23. It's a good thing cold weather is coming, because I've got no reason to leave my house.

In other video game subscription news, Fallout 76 has just added a $13/month premium subscription called Fallout 1st. 

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