Xbox Game Pass family plan rumored for 2022 launch

Xbox Game Pass
(Image credit: Microsoft)

Microsoft will reportedly roll out an Xbox Game Pass family plan later this year.

That's according to a report from Windows Central, which cites sources familiar with the company's plans. The unannounced Xbox Game Pass Family Plan is said to be positioned to launch "sometime this year." 

The new plan will reportedly allow up to five players to access the same central Game Pass account. Specific price points weren't covered, but this family option is said to be substantially cheaper than maintaining five individual subscriptions. 

It's unclear whether the family plan will be reserved for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate or if it will also be available for the individual console and PC tiers of the service. The exact restrictions on who can join the same family plan are also currently unclear, though it's said to use the same account system as the Microsoft Office 365 family plan, which specifies "members of your household" but is more flexible with actually adding family members.  

Earlier this month, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate added a limited-time, three-month free trial for digital Marvel comics to its list of perks. A 30-day free trial for Paramount+, which is currently airing the Halo TV series, is also available.  

This news comes on the heels of PlayStation's new PS Plus subscription offering three tiers and upwards of 700 games total. Unlike Xbox Game Pass, the renewed PS Plus notably won't add the publisher's biggest games, such as God of War Ragnarok, the day they're released.

PlayStation Plus Premium vs Xbox Game Pass Ultimate: how the two console subscription tiers stack up. 

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