XBLA/iOS players get first shot at Sonic CD tomorrow

Xbox Live and iOS players will have their chance to return to Sonic CD tomorrow, with the remastered classic launching on those platforms in North America. PSN players in Europe will also get access to the title, though it won't be available for American PlayStation 3 owners until Dec 20. By the time Android and Windows Phone 7 owners get the title early next year, pretty much everyone will have access except Wii owners (and anyone who's waiting for an actual CD release).

This launch clip lets you know what you'll be in for: a generous helping of fast, brightly-colored gameplay with two soundtracks' worth (American and Japanese audio, remember) of the bouncy, chuggy chiptunes Sonic always did well. The game's priced at 400 MSP, or $4.99 on iOS; when the PSN version arrives, that too will set you back $5. Maybe if enough people buy and play the hell out of this rerelease, Sega will have second thoughts about releasing Classic Sonic from his hellish prison outside of time.