Sega has no plans for Classic Sonic after Sonic Generations

Tomorrow marks the US release of Sonic Generations, the game that celebrates 20 years of blue hedgehogs by teaming up the 16-bit Sonic with the current version. We thought it was the best Sonic game in years, giving it 8/10 in our review, as it brought 3D Sonic levels to new heights of playability and recreated the 2D feel we loved on the Genesis/Mega Drive. So now that “Classic Sonic” is back, this is only the start for the portly original, right? Not so, says one Sega rep.

In an interview about Generations, Sega Europe’s David Corless was asked about Classic Sonic’s future. He replied, “Do you know what? There are no plans, to be brutally honest, to bring Classic Sonic back. The reason for bringing him back for this game was because this is a celebration of 20 years of Sonic. It was a real fitting time to do it. He’s really well loved. Let’s see how Generations does. You can never say never in this industry, but at the moment there are no plans.”

So there you go. Never say never kids, but don’t expect fat, black-eyed Sonic to become the star of Sonic 4: Episode 2 all of a sudden, should that game even exist anymore. Of course, if Sonic Generations sells considerably more than the last few titles in the franchise, who knows, maybe Sega will recognize a demand for the original version. Or maybe they’ll ignore fans and bring back the Werehog. You really can’t predict what Sega will do with Sonic.

Source: Spong

Henry Gilbert

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