X-Men Triage and Tempus go solo with Liberty and Justice For All prose novel

(Image credit: Anastasia Bulgakova (Aconyte))

The cover to the upcoming X-Men prose novel Liberty and Justice For All has been revealed. This is part of Aconyte's Marvel prose novel series and the kick-off line for its X-Men-specific line, Xavier Institute.

(Image credit: Anastasia Bulgakova (Aconyte))

Written by Carrie Harris, Liberty and Justice For All follows the young mutants Triage and Tempus as they take off on their first solo mission, without any supervision from the adult X-Men.

"As part of their training at the New Charles Xavier Institute, Triage and Tempus are allowed to attempt their first solo flying mission," reads Aconyte's description of the book. "Some way into their mission, they pick up an urgent SOS message – Sentinels are attacking a superpowered mutant, who is struggling to protect an injured politician. When they abandon their lesson and answer the call, however, the identity of both will cause the two young X-Men far more problems than they bargained for."

Who is the mystery mutant, and the politician they are called in to protect? We've learned that it's Sabretooth and his son (with Mystique), Graydon Creed. In comic book history, Graydon Creed grew up to be a politician with aspirations to be President of the United States, running on a ticket of anti-mutant hysteria. 

(Image credit: Aconyte)

Liberty and Justice For All will be Aconyte's third Marvel prose novel, following October 6's Domino: Strays ('Heroines' line) and The Head of Mimir ('Legends of Asgard' line). They are to be followed in December with The Harrowing of Doom ('Untold' line), and The Sword of Surtur ('Legends of Asgard' line).

"The opportunity for Asmodee to work with Marvel not only on great games but also amazing stories, as our slogan has it, really is a dream come true," Andy Jones, head of Aconyte's parent company Asomdee Entertainment, said in 2019 when the partnership was announced. "The talented team at Aconyte are so excited to have this wonderful opportunity and will do a great job – the biggest challenge when gifted with the Marvel Universe is just where to start?!"

Liberty and Justice For All goes on sale on November 3.

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