Mutants are Martians and Magneto is in crisis in X-Men Red #1 preview

X-Men Red #1 art
X-Men Red #1 art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

The next Marvel mutant era 'Destiny of X' is in full gear now and on April 6 the newest ongoing title in the X-Men line debuts, X-Men Red, by writer Al Ewing and artist Stefano Caselli.

X-Men Red #1 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

If you haven't been following the X-Men titles for a little while, well, hold onto your hat. X-Men takes place on Mars ... yeah, that Mars ... which has been terraformed into a mutant homeworld now called Planet Arakko, which is led by the Regent of its ruling council, Storm.

In other words, some Martians are mutants, but not all mutants are Martians.

The series will follow Storm, along with other X-Men like Magneto and Sunspot as mutants try to adjust to their new home and build a society on Planet Arakko and face both internal, external, and existential threats like Abigail Brand, who betrayed mutantkind in last December's final issue of SWORD, as well as potential conflicts with Sunfire, Vulcan, and Cable.

Check out the first three pages of X-Men Red #1 in a preview Newsarama readers get to read first to see the sort of challenges Storm and Magneto face.

Fair warning, Magneto doesn't look like he's faring too well. 

X-Men Red #1 features a main cover by Russell Dauterman and variant covers by Javier Garrón, Taurin Clarke, Peach Momoko, David Lopez, Tom Muller, Christian Ward, and others. Check out seven variant covers in our gallery. 

X-Men Red #1 goes on sale April 6, with X-Men Red #2 scheduled to follow on April 27. 

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