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X-Men: First Class - Two New Very Odd Posters

Faces looming out of shadows. Strange

The trailers look great. The buzz is incredible. The cast is amazing. And the director is Matthew Vaughn. So there’s a lot to like about X-Men: First Class . But the posters… hmmmmm. We’ve already had those “ Before he was Magneto he was Erik ” ones, and we’re not sure if Erik was ever a great buzz word to put on a poster (and really, does that line mean anything to anybody not totally versed in X-lore anyway?). And now we’ve got these two, unveiled on the film’s official Facebook page . Er, they may have sounded good in the brainstorming session, but didn’t anybody think to point out they look like adverts for indigestion medication while they were being developed. But if you love ’em, feel free to argue with us in the comments below.