X-Men Destiny: Launch trailer sets the scene

The launch trailer for X-Men: Destiny asks players to choose between fighting for good or evil. To say this is the first time you've faced such a decision would be a slight exaggeration: our our list of tough-call moments from last year is already looking a bit outdated. But besides that one-shot yea-or-nay vote, you'll also get a look at the more varied pathways on offer, as the mutants players will fight alongside – or against – and some of the powers on offer.

Whereas earlier trailers have focused on the character abilities players will be forced to choose between, this clip offers more of a starting-point for the game's story, in which your new mutant is forced to choose between allegiances and powers in a branching storyline that developer Silicon Knights promises will vary depending on your choices. In our 5/10 review, Cooper argued that the game “just about pulls the concept off” – even if his next word was “but.” X-Men: Destiny launches today – is it the game's destiny to wind up in your disc tray, or will you let the title make its own fate?

Sep 27, 2011