Adam X gets way too X-Treme in X-Factor #5 preview

page from X-Factor #5
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Marvel has released a preview of interior pages from writer Leah Williams and artist David Baldeon's X-Factor #5, which puts the X-Factor investigations team on the trail of a mystery surrounding Adam X, also known as X-Treme, in Mojoworld.

(Image credit: Marvel Comics)

In the pages, the X-Factor team watches as Adam X, hosting a 'Hot Ones' style online show called 'Adam X's Hot Seat,' follows an audience vote and murders the mutant Winddancer on camera – effectively creating a mutant snuff film. It's a disturbing scene that will definitely require a serious follow up from Krakoa's mutant investigators, who seek out proof of death in order to resurrect murdered mutants.

As Northstar dryly observes, proof of death for Winddancer seems all too readily available.

"Can resurrection survive?" reads Marvel's official solicitation text for X-Factor #5.

"The events of 'X of Swords' have put the resurrection protocols in jeopardy! As the Five deals with the fallout, X-Factor investigates those affected by the tragedy..."

Here's the gallery of interior pages:

The solicitation refers to the circumstances around mutants who die in Otherworld. As seen in previous X-Factor issues, when Rockslide was resurrected, his mind was overwritten by the multiversal nature of the Otherworld, with a whole new personality or perhaps a version of Rockslide from another part of the multiverse is now inhabiting his body.

For mutants such as Gorgon and possibly Betsy Braddock who apparently perished in Otherworld, that could have massive ramifications on how Gorgon comes back – if he returns at all. As for Betsy, her fate is a bit more complex as it deals directly with Saturnyne's magic.

This of course is now part of the 'Reign of X' era of X-Men titles, as announced earlier today.

X-Factor #5 goes on sale on December 2.

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