WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2007

In terms, of other developments, there's less to report about new SmackDown. PS2's been used as the base development platform, so every feature of the game should make it on to every format more or less intact - expect to see a couple of hundred people in the PSP version's crowd, five hundred or so in the PS2 incarnation and more than a thousand hooting locals on Xbox 360.

Above: Expect around 500 people in the PS2 crowd

The roster's still maddeningly unconfirmed - Bobby Lashley, Fit Finlay, Ken Kennedy and the Boogeyman are almost certain to appear but THQ is refusing to talk about Legends or confirm whether the spirit squad's going to make the final cut. One man who is expected to appear, though, is the aging patriarch of the WWE, Vinnie Mac himself. Speaking of people whose groins we'd like to yank into a ring post...

Joel Snape
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