WWE SmackDown! vs Raw 2007

The real pain, though, has been saved for the foreign objects that turn up in any decent pay-per-view. The steel cage face-rake's long been a key move in SmackDown, but this is the first year when you can actually choose the direction and duration of the grating.

Ladder matches have new moves too - wedging the ladder between the ropes for a swanton's a possibility, but why bother when you can simply sandwich another wrestler between the two sets of rungs and slam the unrelenting steel on to their groin?

Above: Battering opponents gets even more interesting when foreign objects come into play

Best of all, it's finally possible to dismantle the Spanish announcers' table, main event style, throwing monitors aside before tugging up on the analogue stick to strangle an opponent. Vicious.

Joel Snape
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